Electrical Rewiring Questions

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Common rewiring questions

Most people ask very similar questions before we start a project with them. Things like how much will it cost, how long will it take etc. So we have collated a list of the commonly asked questions to help you. If you have any other questions or would like to discuss anything in more detail please contact us for more information.

The electrical wiring system throughout your home powers all your appliances, equipment and lighting. Over time the system and wiring needs replaced. A house rewire involves replacing all the wiring and upgrading the equipment. 

There is a guideline that your electrical wiring should be replaced every 25 years. Check our “Are Your Electrics Safe?” for signs it could be time….

Yes, Over time wiring can deteriorate and become a fire hazard. Aluminium cable for example has been proven to be more susceptible to catching fire. Breaks in deteriorating cable can cause arcing and result in fire.  

Simply give us a call. We will speak to you and discuss your wiring, or you can even send us an image. We do so many rewires we can often tell the age of the installation simply by a text image of your consumer unit. 

Our rewiring projects start from £2495. We feel we are very competitive on our costs, and we are very open on this should you wish to discuss. We often offer a price match promise to any comparable quotes, subject to terms. 

We are fairly confident we are the quickest around. Most of our rewiring projects take 1-2 days. 


Yes, we route all cables through your wall usually. We offer plastering services to put this all back together for you. 

Yes usually over night if required, however we do install temporary supplies on request. 

Possibly slightly Yes, However it will definitely make it more sellable, many of our clients rewire before selling to ease the sale. 

Unlikely however most insurers now insist on an up to date safety certificate for your electrics so it is becoming a necessity to have safe electrics to ensure you get a insurance policy.  

Not in most instances.

You can however you are not qualified to sign it off. We have seen this attempted as DIY and it almost always ends in disaster. 

We discourage clients from doing any work to save costs. You can however make things much easier for us by lifting the carpets, ensuring the furniture is clear etc. 

Yes. An electrical rewire is a very messy and disruptive job.

Most furniture will need moving at some point during the rewire; speak to the electrician to find out when.

Yes. The electrician will need to work in the loft.

Yes Its a good idea to remove all pets during rewiring. 

We offer a service to take away all your rubbish for your rewire at a cost.