Depending on the size, age and location of your home, on average, rewire prices start from around £2000.

A full rewire can take several days to complete. In all cases, a home rewire requires cabling to be replaced and re-fitted in the walls and beneath the floor of the home, so it is considered quite an intrusive and ‘messy’ job.

Safety First

As is the case with any improvement works, it’s essential that they must be done to a high standard, especially if the work is being done by yourself (instead of an established professional).

Electrical rewiring is no different. In fact, there’s an even bigger need for proper standards to be met when any rewiring or electrical work takes place in the home. Faulty wiring is one of the biggest causes of house fires in the UK, but if it’s done properly, fires and accidents in the home can be prevented.

In addition to this, it’s very important to keep in mind the need to comply with current household electrical regulations, more specifically, the statutory requirements for electrical installation in buildings across the UK.

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