FAQ Hero ImageThere a worrying trend we have spotted within the industry.

We visited a client who freshly decorated their new home and installed a new kitchen.

The initial electrician, told them the wiring was safe.

He then proceeded to change the fusebox and do a few minor works.

Fast forward a few months, things are failing, and we are being asked to fully rewire the property, and in the process ruin the new decor.

The truth is, many electricians simply don’t want to tackle a full rewire. It’s a big job and can be a total headache to someone lacking experience of this work.

So… they recommend a fusebox change only, because it’s easy.

Their justification behind this is simply that some tests have came back as ok on the day, despite the wiring being 40+ years old.

Your homes electrical system powers all your appliances, lighting and gadgets. It should be properly maintained and upgraded as necessary.

We can’t think of many other systems or items within the home that you would expect to last 40+ years, so why electrics?

We advise our clients on rewiring based on many factors not just the condition of the wiring on the day of a test.

Think about the future.





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