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Why Choose HomeRewire For Your Electrical Project?

HomeRewire is Scotland’s leading house rewiring specialist with over 25 years of experience. Our business model is to reduce the hassle of domestic electrical installations through an efficient and clean service. No matter the job, our East Kilbride rewiring team has the knowledge and expertise to get it done.

Below are some of the key reasons why you should choose HomeRewire as the solution for your electrical problems.

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Speed & Efficiency

A full rewire does not need to be a lengthy process with HomeRewire. Through experience, efficient organisation, and manpower, we can complete a full house rewire in 1-2 days. Each qualified electrician is exceptionally skilled, and they work together to ensure that speed and quality are maintained for every house rewire call-out.

NICEIC-Qualified Electricians

The HomeRewire collective is a proud member of the NICEIC (National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting). Each professional rewiring electrician is qualified for the 18th Edition wiring regulations and additional safety qualifications.

This includes Asbestos Awareness, ensuring that every local electrical rewiring job is conducted to the highest standard of safety. Additionally, contractors registered by the NICEIC are regularly assessed to ensure they meet important technical and safety standards.


When it comes to full rewires, our company objective is quality workmanship. While every install project is carried out with speed, we do not compromise on quality. We are annually assessed to ensure that our high standard is consistently delivered. This is reflected in the final output of our electrical services.

If you’d like to see some of our previous house rewire jobs, check out our website. For peace of mind, your electrical rewiring project will come with a standard six-year NICEIC Guarantee.

Extensive Experience

Our teams boast a combined experience of over 100 years in full-house rewiring. Every electrician in East Kilbride is carefully handpicked based on their experience and reputation. This is why our house rewiring service is unrivalled.

Jamie Currie, the head electrician at HomeRewire, has been involved in the installation and management of an estimated 6000+ properties across the UK. If you choose HomeRewire to rewire your house, you know you’re getting the best service.

Is it finally time to replace your outdated, potentially hazardous original wiring? Trust HomeRewire to get the job done right!

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We may be able to greatly improve the safety of your home with a few simple upgrades.

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What's Involved In Rewiring?

We eliminate any potential problems and ensure everything is modern, safe and certificated.

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Competitive cost, with a strong focus on quality workmanship and safety.

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Why Use Home Rewire

We come very experienced and equipped to deal with the most difficult challenges.

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Services We Offer in East Kilbride

One of our core services is full house rewires, and we recommend that your property be rewired every 25 years. When it comes to electrical rewires, routine maintenance is essential to prevent hazardous electricity outlets, household damage, and injury to the occupants of your home.

If you require rewiring in East Kilbride, we’ve outlined our core services below so you can decide which option suits your needs:

  • Whole house rewires and partial rewires
  • General electrical home improvements
  • Interior and exterior lighting
  • Fusebox replacements and upgrades
  • Testing and fault-finding
  • Garage and outbuilding installations
  • Electrical upgrades
  • Landlord safety checks

If you’re looking at rewiring your house, we have an East Kilbride electrician available. Get in touch with us for more information about our add-on services when rewiring your home. 

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Areas We Cover

Do you require a quick and efficient home rewire in East Kilbride or greater Scotland? HomeRewire provides professional rewiring services in the central belt of Scotland.

While many of our electricians are based in Glasgow, you will also find our electricians in Paisley, Edinburgh and Ayrshire.

If you’re looking for an efficient and experienced company to assist with your rewiring project, we’ve got you covered. Call our office on 0141 459 5909, and we’ll assist with your house rewires in Scotland.


Below are some typical guide costs for our complete electrical services, including plasterwork repairs.
The costs of full rewiring can vary greatly, so it’s always best to carry out a full survey.

Cost to rewire Type Price From
1 bed Flat £1995+Vat
2 bed Flat £2395+Vat
3 bed Flat £2695+Vat
2 bed House £2995+Vat
3 bed House £3395+Vat

Disclaimer: The final cost of your rewiring project will depend on the difficulty of the electrical rewiring in terms of access and whether the property is occupied or unoccupied. Specific items such as downlights will add further costs. Larger and more complex projects for your electrical installation projects are priced individually.

Your Trusted Rewiring Specialists in East Kilbride

HomeRewire is committed to enhancing our services continually, striving for excellence each day. Recently, we’ve forged numerous partnerships with local electricians who specialise in various aspects of electrical work but may not offer full home rewires themselves.

These professionals confidently endorse HomeRewire to their clients, having closely observed our evolution over the years. We take great pride in being the premier contractor for private rewiring projects and a respected name within our local network of electricians.

At HomeRewire, we’re fortunate to collaborate with highly skilled electricians and tradespeople. Our teams are actively engaged in rewiring projects throughout the local area and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Need to install new cables for safety or even secure full rewires for your home? Get a free and instant quote using our house rewiring cost calculator.

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HomeRewire are an NICEIC approved contractor

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about the process of getting your home rewired? From cables to lighting and maintenance,
our team of professionals has the answers you need.

While rewiring may not be at the top of your list of priorities, there’s a lot that can go wrong if you fail to replace faulty wiring for too long. Some old wiring simply disintegrates, but there have been cases of electrical fires due to faulty outlets and broken wires that erupt into flames.

We are confident in the skills of our electricians, which is why we have a six-year warranty that covers all installations carried out on your property. Our electrical rewire service is executed with a high standard and attention to detail. All of our rewire electricians in Scotland are highly experienced and qualified, with each holding 18th Edition SJIB gold cards and a NICEIC Certification.

While we cannot say for certain that updated electrics will increase the value of your home, a full rewire will certainly increase the chances of selling. Nobody wants to purchase a home that hasn’t been rewired in decades, which is why we’re proud to do what we do.

When it comes to our pricing, the main considerations are manpower, the complexity of the job, and how long the rewiring process will take. We offer an affordable pricing structure that allows us to advise you of the total cost within 24 hours of our onsite inspection. This quote is a fixed price and will not be changed unless you specifically request additional services.

Simply request a free quote using our house rewiring cost calculator.

Yes, the decision to undertake a whole house rewire can save energy. Modern wiring is far more energy-efficient than outdated systems. So you may see a reduction in your energy bills over time.

Rewiring your house by yourself is not recommended unless you are fully qualified and experienced. Rewiring your home without the proper expertise can be dangerous and lead to more problems in the future.

Trusting us to rewire your house within the recommended time frame can prevent accidents such as cable fires, electric shocks, and other electrical malfunctions that could pose serious risks.

If you require a safe and efficient house rewire in East Kilbride, we can help.
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house rewiring cost calculator.

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