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If you’re looking for a stress-free and quick house rewire service, choose HomeRewire.

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We offer efficient and professional electrical rewiring services in Scotland for new-build and older homes. We can rewire your house completely within 2 days.

If you need partial or full electrical rewiring, request a free quote from HomeRewire or contact us for assistance from our market-leading electricians in Glasgow and the rest of Scotland.

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Our House Rewire Services

We have over 25 years of experience with house rewires across Scotland. Our team of highly qualified electricians specialises in providing a high-quality domestic rewire service for your specific rewiring needs.

Full Rewire

Rewiring a home can be one of the most challenging investments a homeowner can face. New wiring must be installed in every room, and the current wiring is usually deep within the walls.

It’s recommended that the property be rewired every 25 years. This ensures that safe and modern cables are used, incorrectly installed electrics are fixed, and potential hazards like deteriorated cables are removed.

Full rewiring is necessary if you’re struggling with faulty wiring, a blown fuse, electric shocks, fuse board damage or any other electrical system troubles. When it comes to a full rewiring job, you can rest assured that our qualified electricians have the expertise to update your home wiring according to the latest certified wiring options.

Our comprehensive full electrical rewiring service includes:

  • Testing and Fault Finding
  • A New Consumer Unit
  • Tidying New Channels
  • New High-Quality Wiring
  • Neatly Reapplying Plaster
  • Updated smoke alarms
  • Earth bonding

Our top priority is your safety throughout the electrical connections process, and we ensure all regulations are met. Because of our extensive experience, our team completes our home wiring services within two working days to ensure minimal disruption to your day-to-day life.

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Partial Rewire

If your home has been rewired within the last 25 years and your cables can withstand current electrical loads, you will need partial rewiring. Partial rewires are an option if you need new earthing upgrades, bonding or a new electrical service panel upgrade and if you don’t have any faulty electrics.

Our partial rewiring services include the following:

  • Local Qualified and Experienced Electricians
  • Marking & Creating Channels for New Wiring
  • Installing Wiring According to Relevant Regulations
  • New Plaster and Tidying Up Afterwards

A partial house wiring service can be a challenge, as it can be difficult to identify the correct wires to replace among the existing wiring. A partial rewire is also only possible if your current electrical wiring can withstand the required electrical load. When a qualified electrician tests your wiring and the electrical system is struggling, we’ll have to consider a full rewire.

For efficient Edinburgh and Glasgow rewires, choose Home Rewire. Our experienced electricians are available for any electrical questions you may have.

Why choose HomeRewire for your Electrical Rewiring in Scotland

When it comes to electrical work, our team will ensure you have a hassle-free, clean and efficient experience. We understand the stress associated with having electricity issues in your home. Whether you need a full or partial rewiring, we do our best to keep disruption to a minimum.

Your search for an expert rewiring company ends with HomeRewire. We’ve worked on hundreds of projects and are experts in house rewiring in Glasgow and the rest of Scotland.

Qualified Electricians

If your home needs partial or full rewires in Glasgow or Edinburgh, you can rest assured your property is in safe hands. Our highly skilled and qualified electricians are part of our team because of their extensive experience. In our commitment to providing home rewiring service of the highest quality, each team member holds a NICEIC Certification.

Experience & Reputation

Our market-leading Edinburgh and Glasgow home rewiring teams have a combined experience of over 100+ years and are all specialised in home rewiring. This experience allows us to carry out quality rewires with speed and efficiency.


Usually, rewiring a house can take a week or more. With HomeRewire, there is no long electrical installation process. Depending on the project's complexity, most of our electrical rewires are completed within two working days on-site.

High-Quality Work

At HomeRewire, our main goal is to ensure every project we take on is done with quality workmanship. We guarantee all our work is aligned with the current safety standards, whether we’re working on new or existing wiring.

NICEIC Registered

We take your safety and security seriously during your home rewire in Glasgow. Although we’re able to work quickly, all our projects have a standard 6-year NICEIC Guarantee. Every home wiring electrician we work with is backed by the NICEIC and is annually assessed to ensure we’re all up to standard.

Reliable Customer Service

As a market-leading electrical company in Glasgow and Edinburgh, we understand that communication is key. We’ll consistently provide reports and updates throughout the entire electrical rewiring process to keep you in the loop. Our team can answer any questions on-site, and you may call us anytime for advice or general questions about our electrical services.

Do you need help with electrical rewiring in Edinburgh? Call us today on 0141 212 6216 and speak to one of our experts about your rewiring needs.

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At HomeRewire, our electricians in Scotland leave no stone unturned to ensure our electrical rewire service is done efficiently and of the highest standard. As an NICEIC-backed Glasgow rewire company, you can rest assured that all work carried out is aligned with the latest regulations.

A partial or entire electrical system rewiring will include the following:

  • Electrical installation condition reports to see if your old wiring is safe
  • Ensuring dust sheets are fitted for safety before we rewire a house
  • Marking out the new locations, fuse box and routes for your new installation
  • Accessing the attic and basement to start laying down the wires
  • Creating channels in the walls and space for new electrical boxes
  • Tidying up and removing all waste and dust on completion of the rewire
  • Connecting the new wires to your smoke alarms, sockets, light fittings and fuse board
  • Plastering your walls again to seal in the new wires
  • Testing the wiring to ensure electrical safety and that the circuits work as they should

When testing new or existing wiring, the state of the building’s foundation and walls is crucial. We ensure the building is safe before sending an electrician to rewire your home.

Our priority is to ensure that the walls are not compromised and that replacing the existing connection won’t cause further damage. All buildings we work on must be compliant with the current building regulations before our partial or full house rewiring service can begin.

We recommend that your home gets rewired every 25 years. If your current wiring is old, your home may be more prone to electrical fires, electrical shocks, flickering lights and issues with plug sockets and electrical outlets.

If you’re unsure when last your property was rewired, a house wiring electrician will be able to assess your wiring and let you know if you’ll need to rewire your house.

The cost of electrical rewiring work depends on many factors. This includes the age, safety and condition of your existing wiring, the type, position and age of the property, how much wire we’ll need, and how long it will take.

We offer our electrical service upgrade at cost effective rates. Use our house rewiring cost calculator in the UK to receive an estimate of what our services will cost for your rewiring needs.

HomeRewire are an NICEIC approved contractor

HomeRewire: High-Quality Home Rewiring in Glasgow, Edinburgh & Beyond

At HomeRewire, each electrician is a home rewire specialist. We understand the stress of taking on a full electrical rewire of your property, which is why we’re here. We are one of the top home rewiring service providers in Scotland, and we aim to be the best.

In our mission to ensure Scotland’s homes are safe, we offer more than just home rewiring services. We also provide electrical service panel upgrades, consumer unit upgrades, landlord alarm packages, and regular testing and inspection, among many other services.

If you’re looking for the best electrical rewiring services, choose HomeRewire — Scotland’s rewiring specialist. Fill in our free quote to get an estimate for your rewire in Glasgow, Edinburgh or elsewhere in Scotland.