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Electrical Services in Dalry

Our experienced and highly qualified electricians provide services in Dalry , Ayr , Glasgow and the surrounding areas. We are specialists in home rewiring as well as domestic electrical repairs. Our team has built up a strong portfolio of experience across a wide range of electrical services. Our emphasis is always on the satifaction of our customers and the safety of our projects.

Why Choose Home Rewire?

Electrical services are our specialisation and we can provide you with a tailored rewiring and electrical repair service. We are here to deliver rewiring and repair services that you can trust. We have been running over ten years and our team has a large varied range of expertise ready to assist with any electrical issues that may arise.

Tackling electrical issues such as rewiring can be daunting and an uncertain prospect if you lack the knowledge or know-how to take on the task. We can provide specialist electrical installations, rewiring and electrical repairs in Dalry. We are highly experienced in home rewiring and can take care of any wiring issues you may need fixed.

home rewire fusebox

Are Your Electrics Safe?

We may be able to greatly improve the safety of your home with a few simple upgrades.

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What's Involved In Rewiring

We eliminate any potential problems and ensure everything is modern, safe and certificated.

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Competitive cost, with a strong focus on quality workmanship and safety.

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Why Use Home Rewire

We come very experienced and equipped to deal with the most difficult challenges.

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Electrical services we offer:

  • Full and Partial Rewiring 
  • General electrical home improvements
  • Interior and Exterior lighting
  • Fusebox replacements and upgrades
  • Testing and Fault Finding
  • Garage and Outbuilding Installations
  • Electrical Upgrades
  • Landlord Safety Checks


Where is Home Rewire Located and Where Do We Operate?

Home rewire is based in Glasgow. We provide our services across Glasgow and the surrounding areas including Ayr , Dalry and Troon.

We can offer a range of different electrical services across Glasgow , Ayr , Dalry and the surrounding areas.

Some of the most popular areas we offer electrical services in are;

HomeRewire are an NICEIC approved contractor

Can You Offer A Free Quotation For Your Work?

We can arrange for one of our experienced electricians to visit your property and give you a free quote based on the work that you need done to your property. We will work to ensure that you receive your quote quickly. Once a project has been agreed upon we can schedule you into our work plan and commence work as soon as practically possible.

Can Wires Left To Deteriorate Become Dangerous Over Time?

Yes, wires which and cables which have been left to deteriorate over time can pose a significant health risk as well as a major fire hazard. If you are aware of cables or electrical fitting which have deteriorated or degraded over time please do get in touch so we can assist you.


Do You Provide A Varied Range Of Electrical Services?

Yes, In addition to specialising in home rewiring for properties we can also offer a range of other electrical services. We can take on large and small projects and we will work to ensure that you receive a good quote for our fast and efficient electrical services and rewiring. If you are unsure of the work needing done why not get in touch to discuss the issue in more detail?

Are Your Electricians Qualified And Is The Work Covered By Warranty?

All Home Rewire electricians are fully qualified and hold 18th edition SJIB gold cards. In addition to this they are also NICEIC certified. We have many years of experience in electrical services and we keep up to date with the latest changes and developments within our industry.

All electrical installations we provide are covered and backed by the NICEIC platinum promised 6 year warranty. Should an issue occur you can be safe in the knowledge you are doing business with a reputable warranty backed electrical services company.