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Common rewiring questions

Most people ask very similar questions before we start a project with them. Things like how much will it cost, how long will it take etc. So we have collated a list of the commonly asked questions to help you. If you have any other questions or would like to discuss anything in more detail please contact us for more information.

The electrical wiring system throughout your home powers all your appliances, equipment and lighting. Over time the system and wiring needs replaced. A house rewire involves replacing all the wiring and upgrading the equipment. 

There is a guideline that your electrical wiring should be replaced every 25 years. Check our “Are Your Electrics Safe?” for signs it could be time….

Yes, Over time wiring can deteriorate and become a fire hazard. Aluminium cable for example has been proven to be more susceptible to catching fire. Breaks in deteriorating cable can cause arcing and result in fire.  All of our electricians are fully certified and hold a NICEIC Certification to ensure work is carried out safely and effectively. 

Simply give us a call. We will speak to you and discuss your wiring, or you can even send us an image. We do so many rewires we can often tell the age of the installation simply by a text image of your consumer unit. 

Our rewiring projects start from £2495. We feel we are very competitive on our costs, and we are very open on this should you wish to discuss. We often offer a price match promise to any comparable quotes, subject to terms. 

We are fairly confident we are the quickest around. Most of our rewiring projects take 1-2 days. 

Yes, we route all cables through your wall usually. We offer plastering services to put this all back together for you. 

Yes usually over night if required, however we do install temporary supplies on request. 

Possibly slightly Yes, However it will definitely make it more sellable, many of our clients rewire before selling to ease the sale. 

Unlikely however most insurers now insist on an up to date safety certificate for your electrics so it is becoming a necessity to have safe electrics to ensure you get a insurance policy.  

Not in most instances.

You can however you are not qualified to sign it off. We have seen this attempted as DIY and it almost always ends in disaster. 

We discourage clients from doing any work to save costs. You can however make things much easier for us by lifting the carpets, ensuring the furniture is clear etc. 

Yes. An electrical rewire is a very messy and disruptive job.

Most furniture will need moving at some point during the rewire; speak to the electrician to find out when.

Yes. The electrician will need to work in the loft.

Yes Its a good idea to remove all pets during rewiring. 

We offer a service to take away all your rubbish for your rewire at a cost.

The electrical wiring system throughout your home powers all your appliances, equipment and lighting. Over time the system and wiring needs replaced. A house rewire involves replacing all the wiring and upgrading the equipment.
There is a guideline that your electrical wiring should be replaced every 25 years. “Check our Are You’re Electrics Safe?” Page for signs your wiring may need replaced…

Our rewiring projects start from £1995+Vat. We feel we are very competitive on our costs and consider the value offered to our client to be exceptional. We often offer a price match promise to any comparable quotes, subject to terms. Check out our page on rewiring costs 

Most HomeRewire’s take just 1-2 days using HomeRewire Scotland. Larger homes may take longer. We are confident we are much quicker than any other electricians.
Rewiring your home doesn’t necessarily add value to your home. It does however make it more attractive to buy for any potential owners, knowing the electrics are up to date and safe.
Depending on the type of house construction there can be a lot of dust and mess generated when rewiring. Good electrical contractors will have suitable dust extraction equipment and methods to help minimise the dust.
Yes with all rewiring projects we offer a thorough clean of the property and also offer a professional cleaning service should clients
Yes usually over night if required, however we do install temporary supplies on request for things life fridges and fishtanks but the main power will be off for the duration of rewiring works.
We do not recommend being inside the property during rewiring. Its a fast paced building site environment and for health and safety reasons its best the homes occupants stay
The signs that you may need to rewire your home include fuses blowing, shocks from switches and outlets, frequently flickering or dimming lights, damaged or exposed wires and cables and poor test results.
You can, and have it signed off by an electrician although we strongly do not recommend this. You may also find it difficult to find an electrician willing to sign off the works.
Rewiring involves an electrician, or team of electricians, removing all of the electrical wiring in every room of your home and replacing it with new wiring throughout making the installation safer. Check out our page “The process of rewiring” for a step by step process.https://www.homerewire.com/full-house-rewiring-process/
Wire deterioration can become a massive problem. Over time your cables will deteriorate and can become dangerous as they overheat, or short circuit. This can become a fire hazard and also a shock hazard. Old wiring is noir designed to deal with todays house electrical demands.
We can generally tell pretty quickly which wiring you have even from a few images. You can send us a few pictures to our email or our fusebox finder app to fins our more about your installation. We offer free visual inspections should you have concerns over your electrics.
We work to such a system there is no real way you can help us reduce cost directly. It helps if the job is more appealing and we can have it done quicker. You can help this by ensuring the property is clear and ready for work, or even lift carpets for us before we arrive.
We send out help documents that show how to prepare for rewiring. Generally you will need to pack away all the small loose items, and we can help with any heavy items if necessary. This must be done before electricians arrive at you home.
The electricians will need to work in the loft. On occasion there is another way, but generally you will need to clear the loft in areas.
This just depends on the access we have throughout the property. Generally on the second level upstairs we will need to lift any floor coverings. If there is crawl apace under the ground floor we may not need to lift any flooring.
The obvious answer is safety however there are many other benefits. Rewiring your home allows you to completely redesign your electrical system from scratch and add in new outlets and accessories.
You can part rewire a house but it can be difficult. Its not always clear where cables run and how they are connected to other circuit. We generally only get involved in partial rewires if the original installation is well presented and organised.
There may be a date listed on the original consumer unit. If not then its impossible to tell an exact date but we can usually give a good indication of which decade it was rewired by looking at the installation.
Modern wiring is much more efficient than older systems, meaning energy bills are likely to reduce over time. We also install energy efficient lamps and other methods to reduce energy consumption.
We go into detail on this of you accept a quote however as a rule of thumb you want to create a meter permitter space around the outside of every room, pack small belongings away and then we dust sheet up every room.
Unless the wiring is the modern PVC, then a rewire is likely to be necessary. If you see any old rubber insulated cabling, fabric insulated cabling or lead insulated cabling then it needs replacing ASAP.
No. There is no legal requirement to replace your electrics, however its in the interests of safety the wiring is replaced. The fusebox may be non-compliant with the current regulations, but it is not illegal.
This can be done but will take a lot of time and cost a lot of money, we do not recommend this method.
Yes, but it takes a VERY serious issues that is an immediate risk to the occupant.
Modern wiring if maintained well is expected to last up to 30 years.
Top Flats are easiest, bottom flats more difficult but middle flats are the most difficult type of rewire. This is because there is no easy access above or below.
It’s worthwhile letting your neighbours know you are getting rewired, it can be nosey works.
Some homes have a shared supply, but its nothing to worry about it just means the mains goes into one house and then feeds into another. Its pretty common and you do not share the actual electrical usage as this is metered individually in each home.
We have heard of this in the past but have never actually came across anyone who successfully got a grant to rewire their home.
Our experience is that insurers treat rewiring as an essential maintenance task so they would not cover these works as maintenance. If an accident such as fire occurred due to faulty electrics they may cover the damages.
If really well maintained they can be safe but our experience shows that there is old wiring that just disintegrates, and also has had many poor alterations over the years. Old wiring can be very dangerous.
Yes. Any qualified electrician should have the knowledge to rewire a house its not the most technically difficult job, but some say it’s an art in its own right. Having the practical knowhow to rewire homes fast take years and years of experience.
Our teams are specifically trained in rewiring with many years experience in rewiring homes.
You should check their qualifications, accreditations and online reputation.
As a landlord your property must pass a satisfactory condition reports to allow you to rent it out. A house will not pass an EICR unless the wiring is up to date.
An RCD is a device we will install during rewiring which can potentially save your life in the event of electric shock. In layman’s terms, it’s a sensitive device which detects faults and dangerous wiring issues.
Its always best if you can rewire when you move into a house or when you decide to decorate, however its not always possible to use these windows of opportunity.
If you buy a house you will have a 1,2 or 3 for your electrics, This will give an idea of their condition. This report is done bu a surveyor who will have limited knowledge so they are not always accurate.
Normal electricians may advertise full rewired to take 4-10 days. We can do this much faster by using more mean and having experience in rewiring over 6000 homes.
Yes, When you rewire your home you can completely resign the electrical layout.
This a common question, clients think we can “pull” the cables through without mess. Its only possible in certain buildings and not always guaranteed so we usually answer NO to this question and prepare you for the worst!
Yes, We provide a plasterer with all of our projects unless you decide not to use this service. The amount of plastering required varies from different properties.
Yes we can arrange a free quote for decoration works if required.
Yes you can specify your rewiring anyway you like and we can advise on additional extras such as decorative sockets.
Yes, particularly within artex wall coverings. We are trained to identify asbestos and can arrange a test and removal if required.
Yes all of our installations come with a standard NICEIC 6 year guarantee.