Our Top 5 Most Popular Towns for Rewiring


We understand that each home is unique, which is why our tailored solutions cater to your specific needs. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your lighting fixtures, enhance energy efficiency, or most importantly ensure the safety of your electrical system, the team at HomeRewire™️ are here to help.

We provide a FREE quote on every project We can setup a home visit to survey your property and view the project  scope at a time that suits you. This takes no more than 5-10 mins.

Commonly asked question – How do you know if a property needs rewiring?

Signs that you may need to rewire your home include circuit breakers that trip regularly, slight shocks from switches and outlets, frequently flickering or dimming lights and damaged or exposed wires and cables.

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Top 5

#5 – Bishopbriggs is a very busy town for us with the majority of houses considered relatively new, built in the 1950s/60s.

We see a massive number of 3 bedroom, semi-detached homes built in a John Lawrence style which have now come to require some rewiring attention, most commonly to enhance energy efficiency or check the overall safety level.

Our Home Town

#4 – Newton Mearns is currently home to our – recently opened – office located at the top end of Ayr Road.

This is one of our busiest areas as the majority of homes were built back in the 60s/70s as one-off bungalows causing them to require some attention over time, most commonly needing new consumer units or earthing upgrades – on occasion you may even find the earthing on the lighting circuit is missing altogether. These small issues may lead you to a full rewire down the line.

#3 – West End Glasgow is known to have a vast amount of old tenement flats which can date back over 100 years. Most of these have outdated electrical systems along with intricate details located throughout the home. The original features of these properties make each job a challenge fit for a rewiring specialist only – like us!

#2 – Bearsden is again home to a vast amount of John Lawrence style bungalows.

If your home was built in this time period, it has many of the benefits that came with the rapid growth in post-war housing construction but few improvements could still be made to enhance energy efficiency or overall safety. Its never a bad time for a rewire.

#1 – East Kilbride sits at number one on our most popular areas for a rewire!

Most of the jobs we do here take on average 1 full day to complete. The overall town is relatively new but a lot of properties still have the old original wiring with the old VIR cables. This could be the cause to blown fuses, continuous buzzing sounds or lighting and sockets that simply don’t work. We see these issues all the time which is why East Kilbride sits at the top of our most popular towns for a rewire!


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