Glasgow Rewires 

HomeRewire Scotland started started out doing Glasgow Rewires. HomeRewire eventually expanding across Scotland and beyond. Jamie started the business after being employed for a local rewiring company in Glasgow then eventually going onto start the HomeRewire brand.

Our base is in East Renfrewshire and our electricians can often be found doing;

  • Newton Mearns Rewires
  • Giffnock Rewires
  • Eaglesham Rewires
  • Busby Rewires
  • Clarkston Rewires
  • Barrhead Rewires
  • Uplawmoor Rewires
  • Whitecraigs Rewires

Rewiring is a project that many homeowners in these towns must carry out every 25 years. East Renfrewshire Rewires take place almost every week for HomeRewire as most of the homes in these areas where built over 40 years ago.

Glasgow Rewires in Glasgows West End.

One of the most popular locations for full electrical rewiring in Scotland in Glasgows West End. An affluent area steeped in history.

In Glasgows West End there are many tenement flats which need rewired. These are generally large buildings which have 1-4 levels and are made up of smaller 1-3 bedroom flats. The electrics in tenement flats may be original and over 70 years old. A suitably qualified NICEIC electrician should carry out a a test to determine the condition of the electrics.

How To Rewire Flats. 

When it comes to rewiring Flats its the position of the flat that can determine how difficult full house rewiring may be.

Bottom Flat Rewire. 

When rewiring Glasgow flats, there may be some access underneath the property which is useful for a rewiring electrician. If the space is enough the electrician can crawl underneath the void space and feed the cables through the void  pretty easily. If there is no space to crawl, then the rewiring electrician must lift the floorboards to route the cables through the fabric of the floors.

The most difficult part about rewiring bottom flats is the lighting circuits. HomeRewire must physically run a cable from your light switch to the lighting point on the ceiling. This route can be difficult because there is neighbours above and usually access is limited. Small cuts to the ceiling are often required when rewiring bottom flats, which can then be repaired with plaster.

Old wiring should be replaced as soon as practically possible.

One of the issues we see on these flats is electricians rewiring the socket circuits, but avoiding the lighting circuits because they are difficult and usually involving working around ceiling cornice. This results in many flats having a real mish mash of different wiring.

We recommend when possible, to fully rewire you’re flat by rewiring all circuits at once to reduce future maintenance intervals. A qualified electrician will be able to tell the likely age of the wiring within these flats, and whether they need rewired.

HomeRewire Scotland can rewire most Tenement 1,2 and 3 bedroom flats in just one day with costs starting from around £2995+VAT for a one bed flat.

Our Glasgow electricians can often be found carrying out;

  • Hyndland Rewires
  • Woodlands Rewires
  • Partick Rewires
  • Kelvinbridge Rewires
  • Glasgow West End Rewires
  • Jordanhill Rewires.

Not far from the West End of Glasgow is Bearsden and Milngavie.

We rewire some fantastic homes in Bearsden and Milngavie but there are also loads of standard 2 and 3 bed semi detached homes.

Rewiring Glasgows 3 Bed Semi Detached Houses

Across towns like Bearsden, Milngavie, Clarkson, Giffnock, Newton Mearns and Jordanhill you will find a very popular 2 and 3 bed semi detached homes we know as a “John Lawrance” build. They consist of a lounge at the front of the house, a kitchen and diner at the rear and then 2 main bedrooms upstairs, with a small box room as a third room.


3 bed semi rewire Glasgow

These houses are generally pre-war and have old antiquated wiring that should be replaced. In terms of rewiring these 2 and 3 bedroom houses they should be fairly straightforward. There is usually an attic space the electrician can use to wire cables through, and most often there is some access below the floors.

The wall in these properties are mixed but usually you will find brick, plasterboard and some unusual fabrics such as “bellrock” which is a brittle cast plaster, or “eggbox” which is plasterboard with card internal. Rewiring through these walls can present some challenges but HomeRewire Scotlands Electricians have experience working with these buildings. We can rewire this homes in 1-2 days, with costs starting from £3995+VAT.

How to tell if you have old wiring

It’s not easy to spot old electrical wiring in a house as many of the house wiring and cables will be hidden behind walls and fabric of the building.  You should always take care when dealing with electrics.

Here’s a few simple tips to help you understand why your home might need rewiring and how you might be able to spot it.

If there is an old-fashioned-style fuse box, with fuses, then the chances are that the property needs completely rewiring. A modern consumer unit will have circuit breakers and an RCD. An RCD is a sensitive safety device that switches off electricity automatically in the event of a fault.

In some rare cases of very old properties, you may still find round pin sockets or original dolly switches, a rewire is definitely required!

If you are in any doubt, call an electrician. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

HomeRewire have completed over 7000 Glasgow Rewires.

HomeRewire have a individual branch that deals specifically with Glasgow Rewires, you can find this branch here;

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A Glasgow rewire isn’t something you have to think about very often but there are some tell tale signs that may may not be obvious at first.

Lots of Glasgow homes still have sockets on the skirting boards, especially in tenement flats.

Another indication to needing your home rewired is a lack of sockets throughout the property.

When many properties were built, we did not have as many electrical appliances so there are less sockets than you’d expect to find in a modern new build home.

Do you have rewireable fuses?

When was the last time a fuse blew?

Does this happen a lot?

These all point to your home potentially needing rewired.