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Original Lead Wiring In Glasgow…….

The Challenges Of Replacing It.

The ‘West End’ of Glasgow is renowned for its architecture, shops, bustling nightlife and beauty. There is a desire to stay in one of Glasgows most affluent areas, but owning a home here comes with its challenges. When homeowners take on a property here they are usually drawn to the high ceilings, spacious rooms, stunning architecture and internal decorations. Many choose to refurbish the property and add their own stamp. You should consider an electrical upgrade as part of your full refurbishment. HomeRewire offer a free safety check for any potential clients.


HomeRewire Electricians have been working in this area for many years having rewired flats and houses in all of the West End Areas. We estimate to have rewired over 500 homes in the area.

You will often find our electricians in;

  • Hillhead
  • Dowanhill
  • Hyndland
  • Broomhill
  • Partick
  • Annieland
  • Partick
  • Kelvinbridge
  • Park
  • Finnistoun

These properties are mostly made up of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom flats and from our experience need some level of electrical upgrading if not carried our recently.

The properties in the areas above,  some of which are listed have many beautiful decorative features which makes it difficult to undertake a full rewire. At HomeRewire however this is our specialty. Our experienced electricians have worked in so many of these homes and faced all the challenges they present.

Typical Challenges Of Rewiring Old Period Traditional Homes;

  • Decorative ceiling cornices
  • Decorative ceiling rose’s
  • High skirting boards
  • Loose and delicate lath and plaster walls/ceilings
  • Original difficult to lift floorboards
  • Original architraves and beads
  • Thick sandstone walls
  • Deafening between voids, originally used as sound deadening.
  • Listed and precious original features such as parquet flooring
  • Conversions, many larger properties have converted layouts
  • Asbestos risk in original construction materials
  • Logistics and location of the property
  • Inadequate mains cables requiring upgrade
  • Clients wish to salvage and restore original items like doorbells and light fittings

It’s important to choose an electrician who has worked on these types of properties if you are considering rewiring.

In the past we have seen many other electrical contractors struggle to complete a full rewire in the West End, and have opted to leave in some original wiring to prevent damaging the cornice, sometimes the client is not aware they still have old wiring present.

The original wiring in the West End of Glasgow usually has a lead sheath.

Lead Sheathed Cable

Cable with a lead Sheath is between 65 and 100 years old. This cable was routinely used pre 1948 and long past its recommended life span. There is also the risk of having a lead based product within your home.

In this picture you can see someone dangerously joined an old lead cable into a new cable.

HomeRewire Recommendation; 

Lead wiring should be replaced immediately, do not allow any electrician to leave lead wiring in place when rewiring your home to save damage.

VIR Cable

Cabling known as VIR is the most commonly found old wiring in Glasgow which requires rewiring.

Vulcanised Indian Rubber cables were used until the  late 1960s. Due to the potential dangers that VIR cables pose to the safety of homeowners, they are no longer suitable for use. With time, VIR cable wiring systems may break down becoming extremely hazardous. To be precise, the insulation material used on VIR cables will dry out and become brittle with time hence leaving behind exposed live electrical wires.

You can make out the remains of an old switch wired in VIR in the picture below…

HomeRewire Recommendation; 

VIR Wiring should be replaced immediately, employ a trusted electrician to check if any VIR wiring in your home shows signs of deterioration.


If you stay in any of the areas above and would like a free safety check of your electrical system simply get in touch with HomeRewire Scotland today.

We are an NICEIC approved 18th edition electrical contractor who specialise in rewiring and can offer a solution to your wiring problems…..

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