HomeRewire’s Head Electrician from Glasgow, Talks about his experience in Electrical Rewiring

I first started rewiring houses at the age of 17. Before creating my own business, I was employed for over ten years, where I spent almost every day rewiring houses.

I was involved in a specific contract that required myself and a partner to rewire five houses per week, one a day. We were offered a price per job and as soon as we finished our rewire for the day we went home. Naturally we began to work as fast as possible to get home earlier!

During this time we quickly developed techniques to rewire properties at a very fast pace, while still maintaining quality workmanship. I have rewired literally thousands of properties in this time, in all different shapes and sizes. To date, I estimate I’ve personally rewired around 6000 homes. There are not many problems or challenges we have not faced, and you can be sure we know rewiring!

When I started in business my model was to use the same speed, urgency and efficiency I learned while contracting, but add even more quality, care and customer service for the private market.

Eventually the HomeRewire brand was born and we now specialise in rewiring private properties all over the Scotland. We have a strong team of men, all experienced in this field and all dedicated to providing a service that is unrivalled.

We only employ hardworking and trustworthy individuals, which is apparent when you meet

Rewiring your home no longer needs to be a drawn-out process with hassle, headache and upheaval. Our service ensures your property is completely rewired in minimal timescale with as little disruption as possible.

We are always rewiring in and around Glasgow, You are more than welcome to visit us onsite, meet our team, view our work, and have a chat about a potential project or anything else. I really hope you find this blog useful, and I wish you all the very best with your up and coming project.

Hopefully HomeRewire are your preferred Contractor.

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