The Story of our Rewiring Company

HomeRewire Scotland is the product of a long career rewiring houses across the UK.

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How It Started

Our head electrician Jamie, first started as a young apprentice rewiring houses in Glasgow.

The role involved rewiring local authority homes every day in a contract which lasted over 10 years.

During this time Jamie honed his skills in rewiring and soon developed a very fast work pace while maintaining quality workmanship.

The HomeRewire business model was to apply the same speed and efficiency developed in these early years, then apply it to the private sector with added quality and customer care..

The following years where spent rewiring private homes mostly in Glasgow and Paisley, before developing the business model with processes and systems.

Jamie head electrician
electrician fusebox


As the demand increased HomeRewire began slowly recruiting other experienced rewiring electricians, and training apprentices to our way of working.

Today we have a strong workforce with years of rewiring experience who are specifically trained to rewire all types of properties in a quick, efficient and tidy manner.

We soon realised that customer service was just as important as quality workmanship and assembled a small background team who help to ensure our clients satisfaction.


Word spread of our service and we attracted new clients all over Scotland and even the North of England.

We continued to service clients in Glasgow and really established ourselves in Scotland capital, Edinburgh.


To date, we estimate our head electrician Jamie has been involved in the installation or management of over 6000 electrical rewires across Scotland and England.

This has included many difficult and challenging projects such as 18th century listed buildings and substantial family homes, with various limitations, obstacles or time restrictions.

Our clients have included homeowners, landlords, main contractors and insurance firms.

The HomeRewire teams have over 100 years combined experience in electrical rewiring, making us well equipped to deal with the challenge of rewiring old properties.

HomeRewire are an NICEIC approved contractor

What's Involved In Rewiring

We eliminate any potential problems and ensure everything is modern, safe and certificated.

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Competitive cost, with a strong focus on quality workmanship and safety.

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Why Use Home Rewire Scotland

We come very experienced and equipped to deal with the most difficult challenges.

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How Its Going

We strive to deliver better service each day, continually developing ways in which we can rewire your home faster, neater and more efficiently, with added services and customer care.

Despite many requests to push our brand across the UK, at this stage we are concentrating on delivering first class service to our clients in Scotland.

Recently we have established many partnerships with local electricians who do not facilitate full home rewires.

They are confident in recommending HomeRewire to their clients, having followed our progress throughout the years.

We pride ourselves in being the leading contractor in private rewiring and the most recognised name amongst fellow electricians.

HomeRewire are privileged to work with some highly skilled electricians and tradesmen and our teams can be found rewiring locally every day.

We welcome potential clients to visit our sites and learn more about the rewiring process, and how we can help.

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