There is every reason to take proper time to plan out your home rewire, how it will be done and all the details involved in the job.

There’s a vast list of aspects you must consider before you go ahead with a home rewire. Often, your chosen electrical rewiring company can give you help with doing this and pointing you in the right direction using their knowledge and expertise in the area.

Things you need to think about;

  1. Your budget
  2. Safety requirements
  3. Research i.e. professionals in your local area
  4. Time


Setting a budget before the work begins is one of the most important things you can do, taking into consideration what needs to be done and any additional improvements you may wish to have in your home. This is key to setting your budget.

Your chosen electrical rewiring company will be able to lay out the costs of each individual job. By showing the company your ideal budget, it means they can work with/around you or even advise you on where your budget may need changes to suit your home’s requirements.

Safety Requirements

If you’re not an electrical professional, you may not be very knowledgeable on the electrical requirements that need to be met for safety, so it’s best to take advice from those who know best and always ensure that your planning fits around your household requirements first.


When deciding on the best electrical company to take on, your first and easiest call is probably personal recommendations from friends or family. In doing this you can rely on knowing that the results of the company’s work have already been seen by someone and experienced in their home, Word of Mouth is one of the best ways to do your research.


The time required to do a full home rewire can be quite considerable, depending in the extent of what’s needing done and on average it can take between 1 and 2 days to complete this type of job.

In addition to this, work being done in specific rooms of the house can mean that they may need to be vacated for some time while work is in progress. This is something you must also consider when planning your electrical rewire. Remember to think about if you have enough space for everyone in the house and if things in your home may need rearranged temporarily to suit the work going on.

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