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Home Rewire are specialists in rewire solutions and we have been rewiring homes for years. However many households we visit fail to acknowledge the overall importance of rewiring solutions for the home and the difference that rewiring can really make to a property. This page is designed to guide you through the important aspects of home rewiring and help better inform you on this issue.

Why Is Rewiring Important?

Rewiring is crucial. All homes have some form of electricity and power source. In order to ensure that this is safely maintained it is important that routine and long term maintenance is carried out in order to ensure that the electronics inside a property are safe. There are a multitude of different problems and issues that can occur as a direct result of lack of maintenance or due to care and attention within a property.

One of the greatest hazards which can be associated with poor quality wiring and maintenance within a property is the fire hazard. Electrical appliances and wiring which has become worn can be a major cause of fires in the home. Electrical fires can be very serious and could lead to property damage and potentially risk life. Therefore where possible its important that you call upon the skills and expertise of expert electricians in the field, to ensure that your property is safe from these key risk factors and dangers present in a poorly maintained electrical environment.

Another key reason why rewiring is important is improving your electrical capacity. It is a well known fact that homes built in older time periods tend to have less electrical capacity. This means that your electrical appliances may not be as efficient as they could be if you had your home rewired. In addition to this you may find you have a lack of electricity within the household. By arranging to have your home rewired you can ensure that your home is fitted out with the latest electrical wiring and equipment to allow for much improved capacity and safety overall. By reading our website you can also find out further detail on what is involved in rewiring.

HomeRewire are an NICEIC approved contractor

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What Makes Home Rewire Different From Other Companies?

There is a lot of different elements that contribute to what sets us apart from other rewiring companies. One of the most important hallmarks of our service is our dedication and commitment to our customers. We take on a range of different home rewiring projects and we are happy to work on small and large projects. Throughout the process of rewiring any property we will always work closely with our customers to ensure that any disruption is kept to a minimum.

In addition to our scope of work , we are also highly skilled and experienced within our trade. Each of our electricians are fully qualified and hold 18th edition SJIB gold cards. All of our electricians also hold a NICEIC certification. When we are rewiring homes and properties, safety comes first. You can be safe in the knowledge that all of the electricians working on the wiring on your home are fully qualified and highly skilled. We work with our customers to ensure that any work carried out is done in the most efficient and safe way possible.

The skills and knowledge that we possess means that we can undertake rewiring projects quickly. Speed and efficiency is one of our main skills and is something we consistently deliver across our work.

What Benefits Can Rewiring Your Home Bring?

Rewiring solutions from Home rewire can bring a range of different benefits to your home. Some of the main benefits you can enjoy are:

  • Improving electrical capacity – By rewiring your home you can greatly increase your overall electrical capacity within your home.
  • Find out the age of your electrical outlets – A full home rewire means that you can ascertain the age and condition of your electrical outlets. A full home rewire will ensure that they can function effectively well into the future.
  • Better safety standards – Rewiring your home allows for much better safety around your home. Old wiring and outlets need replacing and rewiring is a crucial part of resolving this issue and keeping you and your home safe.
  • Improved Property Value – By rewiring your home you can improve its overall property value as this will illustrate its high standards of maintenance.

Rewiring Solutions

If you are considering rewiring solutions for your home , there are a number of questions which you need to consider. One of the main questions is how to tell when a rewire is needed. Normally there are a range of tell-tale signs that your electrics and wiring are in need of a full rewire. One of the most basic indicators of this is chocks or sparks coming from any sockets or outlets. These are clear indicators of unsafe electrics that need urgent attention.

Another important factor to look out for is the overall appearance and general condition of wiring, sockets and outlets throughout your household. Checking the overall appearance of these sockets is a good way to ascertain whether a full rewire may be necessary. Normally frayed cables and damaged sockets are a fairly poignant indicator of this and illustrate the wear and tear on the households electrics.

Blown fuses and faulty electrics are other important warnings that your electrics should be investigated. What’s highly beneficial about having a full rewire undertaken is that all of your electrical sockets and outlets wil be restored and safely brought back to current safety standards with quality materials and workmanship. In addition to this , our hands on approach means that this work can be carried out quickly and efficiently whilst minimising any disruption within the household.

If you are in need of rewiring solutions In Glasgow or the surrounding areas, contact us at home rewire. We can arrange for one of our skilled electricians to survey what rewiring needs completed and then we can supply you with a free quote based on the work needing to be completed. We are here to assist with all of your rewiring and electrical needs.