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How Much Does Rewiring Cost?

We keep the cost of rewiring a house as low as possible at all times. HomeRewire uses a quick and efficient pricing strategy, which allows us to inform you of your rewiring costs within 24 hours of our onsite survey.

Your quotation for the total cost to rewire is a fixed price. This means that your home rewiring cost will not alter unless you make changes to the specifications.

The price of rewiring a house is mostly derived from the timescale of the rewire, the manpower used, and the difficulty of the house rewiring job.

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Key Factors In Your Rewiring Cost

For a quick overview of the cost to rewire, the final quotation for your rewiring project is determined by many different factors, including:

  • Access availability in the attic space or crawl space.
  • Whether the home is occupied during the rewire or the property is empty.
  • The type of property, whether it's a house or a flat.
  • The position of the property, if it's a detached, semi-detached, terraced, or a top, middle or bottom flat.
  • The fabric of the building. Some homes are constructed with plasterboard, which is easy to work with. Other homes are solid concrete. This can be really tough and add on a lot of time.

  • The period and age of the building and whether it has any delicate decorative features to negotiate. This includes decorative cornices, high skirting boards, or finished floors.

  • The specification of the electrical plan and the fixtures and extras you choose, such as decorative sockets, additional external sockets, or downlight fittings.

  • Your location and any logistical challenges, such as parking.

  • How quickly the work needs to be completed.

Here are some examples of typical rewire costs for a selection of properties. The following costs are only a guide.
A site survey for any electrical installation should be carried out to get an exact cost for rewiring your home.

HomeRewire Costs To Rewire

If you’re wondering, “How much does house rewiring cost?”, we’ve outlined the average cost of a rewire below.

Unoccupied Homes
1 bedroom flat £1995+VAT
2 bedroom flat £2495+VAT
3 bedroom flat £2995+VAT
4 bedroom flat £3495+VAT
2 bedroom house £3495+VAT
3 bedroom house £3995+VAT
4 bedroom house £4495+VAT
5 bedroom house £4995+VAT

Occupied Homes
1 bedroom flat £2495+VAT
2 bedroom flat £2995+VAT
3 bedroom flat £3495+VAT
4 bedroom flat £3995+VAT
2 bedroom house £3495+VAT
3 bedroom house £3995+VAT
4 bedroom house £4495+VAT
5 bedroom house £5995+VAT

Are Your Electrics Safe?

We may be able to greatly improve the safety of your home with a few simple upgrades.

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What's Involved In Rewiring

We eliminate any potential problems and ensure everything is modern, safe and certificated.

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Why Use Home Rewire Scotland

We come very experienced and equipped to deal with the most difficult challenges.

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Rewiring Upgrades

Rewiring your home is not only an opportunity to completely redesign your home’s electrical system but also a chance to choose many available upgrades and add-ons.

Whether you want a basic like-for-like electrical rewire from a safety perspective or you wish to kit your home out with the latest tech, we are delighted to offer some add-ons.

We may be able to greatly improve the safety of your home with a few simple upgrades.

Consumer Unit
Upgraded RCBOs from £395+VAT.
Upgraded Surge Protection from £95+VAT.
Cables Marker ID Kit from £120+VAT.
Emergency Lighting Unit from £120+VAT.
Outdoor Electrical IP Rated Socket from £95+VAT.
Outdoor Soffit Lighting from £75+VAT.
Additional External Lighting from £95+VAT.
Provisional Car Charging Circuit from £120+VAT.
Car Charging Points from £995+VAT.
Ground Mounted Decorative Flood Lights from £145+VAT.
CAT 6 Wiring only from £55+VAT.
CAT 6 Wiring and Termination from £85+VAT.
CAT 6 Wiring, Termination and Switch from £135+VAT.
CAT 7 Wiring and Termination from £195+VAT.

In-Ceiling Speakers from £395+VAT.
SONUS installations from £995+VAT.
Fire Detection
Additional Smoke Alarms from £75+VAT.
C02 Alarms Hardwired from £95+VAT.
Wireless RF Wireless Fire Systems from £120+VAT.
Google NEST Protect Alarm systems from £170+VAT.
Home Intruder Alarm Systems from £495+VAT.
CCTV Systems from £995+VAT.
Google NEST Security Cameras from £295+VAT
Google NEST Door Bell from £395+VAT.
Upgraded PIR Security Lighting from £165+VAT.
Extractor Fans from £95+VAT

TV Wall Mount Wiring from £120+VAT.
TV Wall Mount Service from £295+VAT.
TV Aerial Wiring from £45+VAT.
Switch & Socket Outlets
Decorative Finish Upgrades From £10+VAT.
USB Socket Outlets from £15+VAT.
Dimmer Switches from £20+VAT.
Lighting Internal
Downlights Standard from £35+VAT.
Decorative Light Fitting from £25+VAT.
Feature Design Lighting from £75+VAT
Kitchen Under Cabinet Lighting from £195+VAT.
Kitchen Plinth Lighting from £195+VAT.
Garage Complete Installation from £495+VAT.
Extractor Fans from £95+VAT.

FAQs on the Cost To Rewire a House

If you’ve got any questions about a potential rewire project, we’ve answered them below. If there’s anything we haven’t covered about the rewiring process here, feel free to reach out to us.

The process of home rewiring is vital as it can dramatically improve your safety. This is because uninsulated wires can create shock and fires due to power fluctuations. If there is an overload, wires can melt and burn, rendering your appliances dangerous to operate.

When it comes to electrical wires and safety, it can be difficult to know if something is wrong until it is too late. The best way to find out if your electrical system is safe is to have the existing wiring inspected and tested by a person who has the competence to do so

An electrical installation in a home should be checked out by an electrician every 3-5 years. It is recommended that your consumer unit is checked every 10 years if you own your property.

If your property is rented, checks are advised every five years or when an old tenant vacates. This ensures existing wiring and surge protection are working correctly, as well as making sure that the unit is up to date with the most recent wiring and building regulations.

In addition to checking your full house rewiring, there are a few key signs to look out for when it comes to your consumer unit:

  • Thermal damage in plastic consumer units
  •  Regular power cuts
  •  A crackling sound
  •  A wooden back that requires a replacement

You can rewire a house or conduct other electrical work if you are trained to do so. While nearly anyone can do smaller tasks like changing new wiring plugs, more complex electrical installation tasks will require a qualified electrician.

As a rule of thumb for those who do not have certification, it’s always a wise idea to consult a qualified electrician for complex electrical installations and a full rewire. Fortunately, our electricians are highly skilled and experienced and can safely rewire your home in less than two days.

Typically, there will be a lot of dust in the air while the work is being carried out, and this can linger for a few days. As a result, some redecorating will probably be required after the job is complete. Because electric wires run through walls and under flooring, it’s likely that areas of the wall and the ceiling will require re-plastering, painting, or wallpapering.

Fortunately, our specialists possess Asbestos Awareness qualifications and conduct standard cleaning after every project.

One-bedroom flats can be very easy to rewire depending on the flat position. A typical starting cost to rewire a one-bedroom flat would be £1995+VAT. A one-bedroom flat will typically consist of a new consumer unit and around 6-8 circuits, including lighting and sockets. We would expect a one-bedroom flat to have around 15 double sockets.

Top-floor flats are the easiest electrical rewires, provided there is attic space above. As such, they have the lowest cost. HomeRewire Scotland will rewire most one-bedroom flats in one day, including plastering repairs. If the property is occupied, then you should prepare for an additional £500+VAT (approximately).

Three-bedroom semi-detached homes are really popular. The cost of rewiring a flat starts from £2995+VAT. This would include around 9-12 circuits as well as external lighting and occasionally an outbuilding or garage.

A garage installation can add around £300-750+VAT, depending on whether the garage is attached to the property or not. The big difference in difficulty with these properties comes with the wall type and whether it’s plasterboard or brick. Ultimately, this can make a difference to the electrical rewiring cost and timescale. If the property is occupied, you should allow an additional £500-700+VAT.

A five-bedroom home can typically cost around £4995+VAT for a standard specification. It’s common for larger homes to have many extras, including networking cables, additional lighting and light switches, downlights, and other items — these can all add to the cost.

Generally, the bigger the house, the more work is involved  — as it will cost more to rewire and take longer to complete. Larger homes and electrical systems may have up to 25 circuits and require additional consumer units and sub-main cables.

Most properties of this size will have a garage, which can add £300-750+VAT, depending on whether we have to bury the cable. We still pride ourselves in being extremely quick in these larger properties and can completely rewire some 5-bedroom homes in just three days (including plaster repairs).

Yes, when we rewire your home when occupied, it can cost more. If the property is occupied, you should budget for an additional £700-1000+VAT. It’s important to arrange a survey to get an accurate quote for your rewiring projects. HomeRewire Scotland can issue remote guide quotes based on the address and any images you can send. This is a great way to get an initial cost for a complete rewiring project and then arrange your onsite quotation thereafter.

Properties come in all different shapes and sizes, and our pricing strategy really depends on the ease of work. We may survey your home and discover that it’s very straightforward; thus, we’ll be able to offer you a quote lower than all guide prices stated. On the other hand, it could be a very difficult electrical wiring project and need an extensive budget.

The rewiring of three-bedroom houses may still be completed in one day, including plaster repairs. This depends on if the rewiring is straightforward. If not, rewiring may require a few hours on the second day.

Each registered electrician at HomeRewire can rewire your house faster and better than anyone else. While some standard electricians may take 1–2 weeks to rewire your home, we can get the job done in just 1-2 days.

Whether you need an entirely new wiring system or a simple light fitting, there are certain rules and regulations in place in the UK. Since 2005, all electrical work in UK homes must meet a set of requirements as stipulated by building regulations. Fortunately, rewiring a house through us means we will do this on your behalf and inform you of any problems if they arise.

Included in our home rewire cost is a quick and efficient service with minimal interruption to your daily activities. In addition to worrying about “How much would it cost to rewire a house?”, many customers worry about the disruption. Fortunately, our highly qualified team can complete a full rewire in 1-2 days and smaller jobs in a matter of hours.

While costs can vary, you can expect to pay around £5,000 for a 4-bedroom home, but this does not include VAT.

HomeRewire: When You Need To Rewire, Remember HomeRewire

HomeRewire specialises in full rewiring with the help of an expert team of NICEIC-qualified electricians. Our mission is to make Scotland’s homes safe by upgrading old electrical rewiring and identifying hazardous and faulty connections.

We can replace your old wiring system with new wiring and ensure all electrical components are working properly. Whether you require a full rewire, smaller fault fixes, or outdated wiring replacements, we will rewire your house quickly and efficiently.

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Proudly NICEIC-Qualified Electricians

We rarely have complaints, but we believe it’s important for you, as a homeowner, to feel protected. Full trust and confidence in a qualified electrician for your house rewire makes all the difference. Our NICEIC-qualified electricians have the knowledge and experience to fully rewire a house in just 1-2 days without compromising on quality. We apply speed and efficiency to every new electrical rewiring job alongside quality control and exceptional customer care.

Plus, our electrical teams are suitably qualified for the 18th Edition wiring regulations and hold additional safety qualifications such as Asbestos Awareness. This ensures that the rewiring process is conducted carefully and professionally at all times.

The Only Real Company Specialising in Full Rewiring

Faulty or outdated wiring is a common complaint. Fortunately, our experience lets us quickly estimate the age of your fusebox. This can indicate how old your potentially faulty wiring may be. You can and should rewire your house before it becomes a hazard, serious danger, costly headache, or major inconvenience.

Simply upload your fusebox image here, and one of our rewiring electricians will reply with information about any potential faulty wiring.

Take the first steps towards a safer and more efficient home with our top-tier electrical work. Quickly find out the cost to rewire a house using our house rewiring cost calculator.

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