Tips For Rewiring.

Who better to offer guidance and advice on rewiring that HomeRewire founder Jamie, with experience in rewiring over 6000 homes across Scotland.

Rewiring your home is one of the biggest maintenance tasks a homeowner can face. If you are going to rewire your house, its vital you get it right.

1 – Plan The Work. 

Rewiring needs planning to make for a successful project. Like all electrical installations there are safety regulations that must be followed, but there is also the opportunity to re-design your homes electrics to suit your modern day needs. Planning considerations should be made for;

  • Accommodation during works
  • locations of new power points
  • Re-instatement works such as decorating
  • Future proofing the installation

2 – Using The Right Contractor.  

Rewiring is not the most technically challenging task for electricians, however  it can be difficult to work with the fabric of old houses and many electricians struggle with rewiring type works. We recommend choosing a contractor that specialises in rewiring homes and can prove their experience. HomeRewire Scotland specialise in only rewiring houses and have done so for many years. We recommend an NICEIC approved contractor to offer a level of guarantee on the installation.


Home Rewire Scotland

3 – Move Out During Rewiring.

HomeRewire guarantee to rewire your house quicker than anyone else, we do this by using specialised manpower with excellent planning and organising. We complete many rewiring projects in just one day but for projects needing more than one day we usually suggest taking an evening out of the property. This will make rewiring much easier for your electrician.

4 – Rewiring  Re-instatement. 

After rewiring is complete you will usually have to make good the damage with plaster and then arrange to decorate the property. We recommend a contractor who can also provide these services. Its important to have the plastering done along side rewiring, as this will seal up any cuts and chases and avoid further dust within the project. HomeRewire Scotland offer full plastering services on all electrical rewires , through our partnering firm HomeSkim who provide plastering services across Glasgow. We also arrange for other trades such as joiners and decorators.



5 – Dust Protection 

There is no denying rewiring can be messy work. You have to cut into your walls, and especially if they are brick this can be dusty.  we recommend spending some time on dust sheeting the property before your electrician arrives and making sure all personal belongings are tucked away and safe. Your electrician should provide dust sheets for the works but our advice is to also do some dust sheeting of your own and seal up your items as bets possible to avoid dust penetration.

6 – Quality Electrical Products 

It is important to use products that comply with BS7671 British standard, but we also advise using the best possible manufactures if budget permits.  Our experience tells us that low cost products often fail sooner which may lead to costly call outs by your electrician. Ask your electrician for a rewiring quotation using only the best products and if the difference is manageable within budget we recommend the higher end products such as Hager and Skolmore


7 – Make Things Clear. 

We recommend creating a small floor-plan or at least having a thorough agreed layout for your electrical installation. Its important to make your thoughts and plans clear to your electrician to avoid any mis-understanding during rewiring. We recommend 1-2 visits before the works commence and also a quick site meeting before they kick off. It can be difficult to move the positions of electrical items once installed so make sure you plan it well.

8 – Future Proof. 

Rewiring your home has safety benefits, but it’s also an opportunity to select new products which may future proof you home. House Rewiring can be disruptive so it best to do all the wiring and add ons you need at the same time as rewiring.

Future Proof Options;

  • Feature lighting – Lighting does not just have to be practical
  • Networking – Many Homerewire clients choose to install networking for reliable internet connections.
  • TV – Multiple TVs can be installed
  • CCTV
  • Security Systems

Its important to make sure your electrical system can handle all the new upgrades, so discuss any future plans with your electrician.


9 – Understand Payment Terms and Rewiring Costs 

It is important to understand the quotation in full and also what the contractors payment terms are. Most private electrical contractors will expect payment on completion. A good reputable company with have clear payment terms and also options of retention payments should there be a snag or any dissatisfaction. Electrical contractors do many rewires will likely be registered for VAT. Although this may add some cost to the quotation it does give some peace of mind they are operating as a legitimate company.

Typical Rewiring costs;

1 bedFlat£1995+Vat
2 bedFlat£2395+Vat
3 bedFlat£2695+Vat
2 bedHouse£2995+Vat
3 bedHouse£3395+Vat


10 – Dont Stress! 

The disruption to a property can sometimes be very very stressful. HomeRewire often work with clients who’s home is in great condition yet needs to be rewired. Understand that the job is essential to the safety of your home and its occupants, and on completion you will have a fully modernised electrical system to deal with the demands of todays electrical devices.

Finding a quick, efficient contractors who rewires homes every single day is key to reducing the stress involved in Electrical Rewiring.

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