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Are my home electrics safe?

If your property was built more than 25 years ago, its time to check your electrical system. Unless your system has been upgraded within the last 15 years, its very likely it may need replaced. We offer a free visual inspections on all local installations and timely quotes for any remedial works.

HomeRewire Scotland have been rewiring properties around Glasgow and central belt for over 10 years. We have the experience to tell you very quickly whether you are likely to need upgraded, often just by looking at an image of your fuse box which you can send to us at our Fusebox Finder page.

Alternatively call us on 0141 212 6216 to arrange a formal assessment or test of your system. We may be able to greatly improve the safety of your home with a few simple upgrades.

mains plug rewire

Reasons to rewire

People choose to rewire their home for a number of different reasons, but the most common is peace of mind with regards to safety. Old or faulty electrics can lead to fires or electric shock so its important to maintain them properly.

The risks of faulty electrics are well documented. Faulty Electrics are responsible for 12500 fires and 2000 electrical shock accidents in UK homes each year. With the introduction of residual current devices, the risk of fire and fatal shock is massively reduced, providing your system is installed to BS7671.

You will almost certainly need to decorate after rewiring. Many homeowners choose to upgrade the electrics when they move home, or before redecorating. Clients will often rewire before the recommended 25-year interval if it suits their decoration schedule. We have worked with clients who have completely decorated only to realise they needed to rewire, so check your electrics before you decorate!

Many clients simply prefer to customise and organise the electrical system in their new home. Rewiring allows you to reconfigure your system for example to add new socket positions, additional lighting, or the latest smart gadgets. If you are considering building works, or a new kitchen for example you will also need to ensure your electrics are up to date and safe.

HomeRewire are an NICEIC approved contractor

What's Involved In Rewiring

We eliminate any potential problems and ensure everything is modern, safe and certificated.

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Competitive cost, with a strong focus on quality workmanship and safety.

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Why Use Home Rewire Scotland

We come very experienced and equipped to deal with the most difficult challenges.

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Here are some signs that your electrics are outdated…

fusebox and screwdriver
  • Skirting mounted socket outlets
  • Toggle type light switches
  • Fuses blowing regularly
  • Cable with sheathing other than PVC
  • Lamps blowing regularly
  • Signs of overheating at outlets or general damage to outlets.
  • Re-wirable Fuses rather than trip switches.
  • Lamps blowing regularly
  • Minimal socket outlets in rooms, usually one or two single sockets indicates an old install.
  • Wooden backed switches or fuse boards.
  • Lack of earth cable at switches and sockets.
  • Cables coated in black rubber (phased out in the 1960s)
  • Cables coated in lead or fabric (before the 1960s)
  • Cast iron switches or fuseboxes or a haphazard mixture of fuse boxes
  • Older round pin sockets and round light switches
  • Braided flex hanging from ceiling roses
  • Brown and black switches
  • Sockets mounted in skirting boards (before the 1960s)

Not sure if your electrics are out of date?

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