For this project, we were tasked with installing a power supply for the BBC temporary studio at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. Although not in our usual field, we welcomed the challenge and the opportunity to work with the BBC on such an important job.

Located at the Clyde side, the studio would host top celebrities and broadcast to millions worldwide. It was rather daunting knowing our install was powering all of this!

The install involved a 3 phase, 400Amp 4 pole isolator and a TT earthing system. We would terminate in special powerlock sockets, allowing the TV rig to turn up and simply plug in.

The kit involved

3 phase, 400Amp 4 pole isolator and a TT earthing system

A standard mains cable for a domestic property is usually 25mm2. This install required 150mm2 tri-rated cables with a 90mm2 earthing conductor.

We mounted the powerlock sockets on the bottom of a spreader box, using special fire retardant PVC to avoid both over-heating and eddy current.

All ready to go to site …

Once on site, the boys got down to the hard part …digging!

The trench would house our earthing conductor. A TT earthing system involved driving copper rods down into the ground to create an earth path.

While the hard work was going outside, we looked at the internal power supply. The energy provider had installed the new cable head and we began to mount our enclosure.

We then installed metal trunking to house the cabling and also an earth part as an intake for our external earth cable.

Connecting up our earth supply…

The final connection of the earth rods. The rods were driven 7m down and achieved good earth readings.

Although very testing at times, this job was really enjoyable and made us proud that our install powered such a massive event. We thoroughly enjoyed this job and felt that it really proved our diversity as a company.

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