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At Homerewire, we take care to ensure that all work that is being undertaken by our team meets all required safety standards. One of the main ways through which we can ensure consistent safety and guidelines compliance is thanks to the NICEIC(National Register For Electrical Installation Contracting) certifications that all of our experienced electricians hold. NICEIC certifications hold an important place within electrical installation and maintenance guidance. We can provide a range of different electrical services and rewiring delivered by highly skilled and experienced electricians.

Why Are Safety Guidelines And Certifications Important In Rewiring Settings?

When it comes to rewiring a home or property, it is crucial that stringent and effective measures are taken in order to mitigate any risk. Home rewire understands the importance of safety measures being used and implemented in order to ensure that those within the property are safe from the risk of faulty or failing electrical systems. Rewiring a property or building is a significant undertaking. These types of jobs should only be carried out by certified and registered electricians as it is a challenging and labor intensive task that can also be hazardous if done incorrectly.

Safety is always a priority when we are undertaking out work. We carry out risk assessments of properties in line with standard electrical safety guidelines. Having NICEIC certifications is one of the many ways through which we can ensure our own and our customers safety when we are undertaking any electrical work on a property.

Without adequate safety guidelines and certifications in place, the electrical repair industry could become dangerous and poorly regulated so this is why these procedures are in place. Since the creation of our business we have always consistently followed safety guidelines and regulations.

We work hard to ensure that these are adhered to and that any rewiring we are undertaking is done in the safest possible manner. One of the main benefits of choosing to use our service is the skills and experience that our electricians possess.

Each of our electricians has spent years within the industry learning valuable skills and experience which they can put into practice through our services. We understand the need for safety when rewiring which is why we ensure that all of our staff are fully trained and equipped to deal with any electrical rewiring or repair task.

Another reason why safety certifications as well as guidelines are important within rewiring settings is because of the risks that can be associated with old electrical fittings. Some people may attempt DIY rewiring. Unless you possess an electrical rewiring qualification alongside considerable experience then we would not encourage you to take on the repair.

Rewiring can be complex and also very dangerous if done incorrectly. Old electrical connections and wires which have not been properly maintained can pose a significant fire risk as well as posing a risk of electrocution to those inside the property.

HomeRewire are an NICEIC approved contractor

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How Is NICEIC Implemented During Home Rewiring?

There are a number of different ways through which NICEIC is used and implemented during a rewiring process. The rewiring process can be complex and challenging on a number of different levels. Therefore it is important that anyone undertaking rewiring is an approved electrical contractor with some form of experience or qualifications that makes them suitable for the role.

Here at Homerewire each of our electricians are fully qualified and experienced within the industry. All of our electricians hold 18th edition SJIB gold cards. These qualifications coupled with their experience and technical knowledge within the electrical repair and rewiring industries makes them the perfect choice for any rewiring tasks needing to be completed.

NICEIC is one of a number of qualifications or guidelines that needs to be used and studied by an individual before they begin to undertake large scale electrical repairs and installations such as home rewiring. One of the main reasons why NICEIC is so important is that it is a nationally recognised qualification and certification.

This means that there is a strong degree of trust as well as recognition that comes with this particular certification. The certification itself provides those that undertake the course with the important skills and knowledge needed to undertake complex electrical repairs and rewiring tasks with ease.

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Safe Rewiring Through NICEIC

Safety is at the core of this particular certification and this is one of the main reasons why Homerewire ensures that all of their staff are fully qualified and up to date with this particular qualification. We understand the importance of being able to rely on a professional electrician to have electrical work done which is safe and also completed to a high standard.

The NICEIC certification which our electricians all possess ensures the following:

  • The contractor has public liability insurance up to £2m
  • This certification covers safety aspects of electrical repairs and rewiring
  • Industry regulated and approved installation techniques are taught through this certification
  • Nationally recognised approved qualification
  • Only genuine electrical contractors and businesses can attain this certification
  • Can ensure improved safety during rewiring or electrical repairs and installations
  • Notification to building control is typically required when rewiring is being undertaken. Using a NICEIC qualified electrician means that this is not necessary
  • Contractors and electricians who possess this certification are assessed regularly to ensure that they can consistently deliver high standards of work
  • Work undertaken by NICEIC approved contractors is covered by the platinum promise. This ensures that if work does not comply with the required standards then it will be completed again or alternatively if the work is not settled then it will be completed by another approved contractor

Giving The Best Home Rewiring Service

At Homerewire we take pride in being able to deliver a professional and highly skilled home rewiring service. Our electricians are all well equipped and trained to deal with any electrical support or rewiring task that you may need completed.

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