Rewiring is no doubt one of the biggest maintenance tasks a homeowner can face. Each property is different and some may not require the electricians to make as much mess, but the majority of  electrical rewires require the walls to be cut, chased and chiselled. This can result in a lot of dust, mess and re-plastering works.

Many of HomeRewires Full Electrical Rewire projects take place during a change of ownership, or during renovation works. This is the ideal opportunity to rewire your home as often the client can take time away from the property, and it’s likely they are planning other refurbishment works such as plastering and decorating anyway.

There is a large portion of our clients who are not as fortunate and have to take on a complete rewire while they stay in the property. This can be for many reasons. Maybe the electrics have been overlooked for many years and have now became unsafe. Perhaps a landlord cant obtain the necessary paperwork to rent a property until the electrics are upgraded.

If you moving home or about to take on any decoration its really important you check your electrics first, before going ahead.

HomeRewire offer as free visual safety check to all potential rewiring clients. Simply call us on 014121216216 or get in touch through our website.

So you need to rewire your home unexpectedly. How can we help and what steps can we take to minimise the upheaval and mess?

Protection – Preparation Is Key.

It’s vital we make as many preparations to the home before we start to minimise dust penetration. Our electricians will spend time before we start dust sheeting all your belongings. We send demonstration videos and literature to every client of ours which explains how best to prepare for rewiring your house. Preparation is key, more time spent at this stage will reduce the mess at the end. Need help with preparing? We can help here too… see details at the bottom of the article.

Dust Extraction 

The machines and tools we use when rewiring have dust extraction attachments. This helps move the dust into our hoovers and again helps reduce the left over mess. Dust extraction is not completely effective but it certainly helps.

Final Clean 

When rewiring is complete our team perform a full clean of the property. We usually receive great feedback on our teams efforts at this stage. Every room is hoovered out and each surface wiped down to remove any left over dust.

Is That Enough, Can We Move Back In?

So your home is fully rewired and our electricians have made your home safe… can you move back in and carry on as normal?

Yes, but you may need another clean.

If you have not selected our plastering option on your quote you will have to re-plaster the walls and then decorate, but what about the mess is it properly cleaned?

In our experience we find the property could need another clean when we are gone. Dust will settle a little again over night and you may find a hoover is required and another wipe over.

Professional Cleaning Service

Many of our clients decide to use an additional service we provide which is to have a thorough professional clean carried out a day after we leave… This is also known as a builders clean, or a deep clean.

There is an additional cost to this service, however clients often see this is good value as they do not wish to do any cleaning at all, or perhaps they are not able too.

Heres what included in our Professional Cleaning Service.

Bedrooms – Its important you sleep well after rewiring. The bedroom area is a room we need to ensure has no dust.

  • Any remaining debris removed.
  • Deep clean entry doors and skirting boards.
  • Deep clean all windows.
  • Deep clean electrical accessories.
  • Deep clean any shelves, or ledges where dust may have gathered.
  • Deep clean of all doors.
  • Vacuumed floor.
  • Thorough dust and vacuum of bed area.
  • Blinds to be dusted.

Bathroom – There’s not a lot of electrical work carried out in your bathroom however with our professional cleaning service we still carry out a thorough clean of this room.

  • Any remaining debris removed
  • Deep clean bathtub
  • Deep clean shower
  • Deep clean sink
  • Deep clean toilet, disinfect bowl and seat
  • Deep clean windows
  • Thorough Vacuuming
  • Thorough Mopping
  • Deep clean all fixtures and walls.

Kitchen – Our Professional Cleaning Service includes a thorough deep clean of your kitchen, only limited to any internal cooking facilities. We can arrange any oven cleans as a separate job.

  • Any remaining debris removed
  • Deep clean entry doors and skirting boards.
  • Deep clean all windows.
  • Deep clean electrical accessories.
  • Deep clean any shelves, or ledges where dust may have gathered.
  • Deep clean of all doors.
  • Vacuumed floor.
  • Thorough dust and vacuum of bed area.
  • Deep clean of all the kitchen cupboards externally.
  • Deep clean all kitchen appliances externally – oven, fridge, microwave, washing machine etc.
  • Deep clean all worktops and surfaces.
  • Blinds to be dusted

The Remaining Rooms On The House…

The full property will receive a deep clean as above… this ensures you can walk into your home and get back to living. 

The cost for this service depends on each individual project. A quote can be raised at the same time as your full electrical rewiring quote.

As a guide cost £50 per room is a good indication.

Need Help To Prepare?

We work with clients who have an excessive amount of belongings, or are simply not able to get the property organised. HomeRewire Scotlands objective has always been to reduce the hassle involved in rewiring your home and overcome any challenges preventing electrical upgrade and in turn potentially jeopardising the safety of your home and its occupants.

If you need help just let us know. We offer a service where we can visit you home before rewiring and get the place fully organised for rewiring helping pack away belongings, and store bulky items.

Each project will be quoted individually for this service.

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