Rewiring Specifications Upgrades

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Specification & Upgrades

A basic HomeRewire specification includes;

  • A new consumer unit
  • An allowance of double sockets to each room
  • Lighting and switching to each room
  • Smoke alarms to the latest requirements
  • External lighting to the front ad rear
  • Earth Bonding
  • A shower circuit
  • A boiler circuit
  • A cooker circuit

Rewiring Upgrades

Rewiring your home is not only an opportunity to completely re-design your homes electrical system, but also a chance to choose many available upgrades and add ons. Whether you want a basic like for like electrical rewire from a safety perspective, or you wish to kit your home out with the latest tech, we are delighted to offer some add-ons.

  • Skirting mounted socket outlets
  • Toggle type light switches
  • Fuses blowing regularly
  • Cable with sheathing other than PVC
  • Lamps blowing regularly
  • Signs of overheating at outlets or general damage to outlets.
  • Re-wirable Fuses rather than trip switches.
  • Lamps blowing regularly
  • Minimal socket outlets in rooms, usually one or two single sockets indicates an old install.
  • Wooden backed switches or fuse boards.
  • Lack of earth cable at switches and sockets.
  • Cables coated in black rubber (phased out in the 1960s)
  • Cables coated in lead or fabric (before the 1960s)
  • Cast iron switches or fuseboxes or a haphazard mixture of fuse boxes
  • Older round pin sockets and round light switches
  • Braided flex hanging from ceiling roses
  • Brown and black switches
  • Sockets mounted in skirting boards (before the 1960s)
fusebox in house

Consumer Unit

  • Upgraded RCBOs from £395+VAT.
  • Upgraded Surge Protection from £95+VAT.
  • Cables Marker ID Kit from £120+VAT.
  • Emergency Lighting Unit from £120+VAT.


  • Outdoor Electrical IP Rated Socket from £95+VAT.
  • Outdoor Soffit Lighting from £75+VAT.
  • Additional External Lighting from £95+VAT.
  • Provisional Car Charging Circuit from £120+VAT.
  • Car Charging Points from £995+VAT.
  • Ground Mounted Decorative Flood Lights from £145+VAT.

Are Your Electrics Safe?

We may be able to greatly improve the safety of your home with a few simple upgrades.

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What's Involved In Rewiring

We eliminate any potential problems and ensure everything is modern, safe and certificated.

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Competitive cost, with a strong focus on quality workmanship and safety.

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Why Use Home Rewire Scotland

We come very experienced and equipped to deal with the most difficult challenges.

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  • Home Intruder Alarm Systems from £495+VAT.
  • CCTV Systems from £995+VAT.
  • Google NEST Security Cameras from £295+VAT
  • Google NEST Door Bell from £395+VAT.
  • Upgraded PIR Security Lighting from £165+VAT.


  • In-Ceiling Speakers from £395+VAT.
  • SONUS installations from £995+VAT.


  • TV Wall Mount Wiring from £120+VAT.
  • TV Wall Mount Service from £295+VAT.
  • TV Aerial Wiring from £45+VAT.


  • CAT 6 Wiring only from £55+VAT
  • CAT 6 Wiring and Termination from £85+VAT.
  • CAT 6 Wiring, Termination and Switch from £135+VAT.
  • CAT 7 Wiring and Termination from £195+VAT.

Fire Detection

  • Additional Smoke Alarms from £75+VAT.
  • C02 Alarms Hardwired from £95+VAT.
  • Wireless RF Wireless Fire Systems from £120+VAT
  • Google NEST Protect Alarm systems from £170+VAT.


  • Garage Complete Installation from £495+VAT.
  • Extractor Fans from £95+VAT.

Lighting Internal

  • Downlights Standard from £35+VAT.
  • Downlights Upgrade from £45+VAT.
  • Downlights Delux from £75+VAT.
  • Decorative Light Fitting from £25+VAT.
  • Feature Design Lighting from £75+VAT
  • Kitchen Under Cabinet Lighting from £195+VAT.
  • Kitchen Plinth Lighting from £195+VAT.

Switch & Socket Outlets

  • Decorative Finish Upgrades From £10+VAT.
  • USB Socket Outlets from £15+VAT.
  • Dimmer Switches from £20+VAT.


  • Extractor Fans from £95+VAT